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Registered: Nov 2014
Posts: 179
33 WIN 17 LOSS
=66% WIN NHL

OFFER ENDS 11/17/17
10/4/17 10:05PM Calgary Flames at Edmonton Oilers Under 5/-110 Win!
10/4/17 10:35PM Philadelphia Flyers at San Jose Sharks Under 5/-135 Loss
10/5/17 7:35PM Washington Capitals at Ottawa Senators Under 5/-130 Loss
10/7/17 2:05PM Colorado Avalanche at New Jersey Devils Under 5/-150 Win!
10/7/17 10:05PM Edmonton Oilers at Vancouver Canucks Under 5/+120 Push
10/9/17 1:05PM Colorado Avalanche at Boston Bruins Under 5/-110 Win!
10/9/17 3:05PM New Jersey Devils at Buffalo Sabres Under 5/+120 Loss
10/9/17 7:05PM Chicago Blackhawks at Toronto Maple Leafs Under 6/-120 Loss
10/9/17 7:35PM Washington Capitals at Tampa Bay Lightning Over 5/-110 Win!
10/9/17 10:05PM Calgary Flames at Anaheim Ducks Under 5/-125 Win!
10/10/17 7:05PM St Louis Blues at New York Rangers Over 5/-110 Loss
10/10/17 7:35PM Chicago Blackhawks at Montreal Canadiens Under 5/-120 Win!
10/10/17 8:35PM Detroit Red Wings at Dallas Stars Over 5/-115 Win!
10/14/17 7:20PM St Louis Blues at Tampa Bay Lightning Under 5/-110 Win!
10/14/17 10:05PM Calgary Flames at Vancouver Canucks Under 5/-110 Loss
10/14/17 10:35PM Buffalo Sabres at Los Angeles Kings Under 5/+120 Loss
10/15/17 9:05PM Buffalo Sabres at Anaheim Ducks Under 5/-130 Win!
10/15/17 10:35PM New York Islanders at Los Angeles Kings Under 5/-125 Win!
10/17/17 7:05PM Pittsburgh Penguins at New York Rangers Under 6/-110 Loss
10/17/17 7:05PM Toronto Maple Leafs at Washington Capitals Under 6/+100 Win!
10/17/17 7:35PM Vancouver Canucks at Ottawa Senators Under 5/-120 Win!
10/17/17 7:35PM Tampa Bay Lightning at New Jersey Devils Under 5/+100 Loss
10/19/17 7:05PM Tampa Bay Lightning at Columbus Blue Jackets Under 5/-105 Win!
10/19/17 7:35PM New Jersey Devils at Ottawa Senators Under 5/-115 Loss
10/19/17 10:05PM Dallas Stars at Arizona Coyotes Under 6/-110 Loss
10/20/17 7:35PM Washington Capitals at Detroit Red Wings Under 5/-110 Loss
10/24/17 8:05PM Calgary Flames at Nashville Predators Under 5/+100 Win!
10/26/17 9:05PM Dallas Stars at Edmonton Oilers Under 6/-115 Loss
10/27/17 7:35PM St Louis Blues at Carolina Hurricanes Under 5/-115 Win!
10/28/17 7:05PM Detroit Red Wings at Florida Panthers Under 5/-110 Win!
10/28/17 7:05PM Philadelphia Flyers at Toronto Maple Leafs Over 6/-110 Push
10/28/17 9:05PM Chicago Blackhawks at Colorado Avalanche Over 6/-110 Win!
10/30/17 7:05PM Arizona Coyotes at Philadelphia Flyers Over 6/-105 Win!
10/30/17 7:35PM Tampa Bay Lightning at Florida Panthers Over 5/-125 Win!
11/1/17 10:35PM Nashville Predators at San Jose Sharks Under 5/-120 Win!
11/2/17 8:05PM Philadelphia Flyers at St Louis Blues Over 5/-115 Loss
11/2/17 8:05PM Dallas Stars at Winnipeg Jets Over 6/-115 Win!
11/2/17 9:05PM Carolina Hurricanes at Colorado Avalanche Over 5/-120 Win!
11/4/17 7:05PM New York Rangers at Florida Panthers Over 6/-120 Win!
11/4/17 7:05PM Washington Capitals at Boston Bruins Under 5/-115 Win!
11/4/17 7:05PM Montreal Canadiens at Winnipeg Jets Over 5/-125 Win!
11/4/17 10:05PM Pittsburgh Penguins at Vancouver Canucks Under 5/+100 Loss
11/5/17 6:05PM Colorado Avalanche at New York Islanders Over 6/-110 Win!
11/7/17 10:05PM Los Angeles Kings at Anaheim Ducks Under 5/+125 Loss
11/10/17 2:05PM Ottawa Senators at Colorado Avalanche Over 6/-105 Win!
11/10/17 7:05PM Pittsburgh Penguins at Washington Capitals Under 6/-135 Win!
11/10/17 7:05PM Carolina Hurricanes at Columbus Blue Jackets Under 5/-105 Win!
11/11/17 1:05PM Colorado Avalanche at Ottawa Senators Over 6/-110 Win!
11/11/17 7:05PM Chicago Blackhawks at Carolina Hurricanes Under 5/-105 Loss
11/11/17 8:05PM New York Islanders at St Louis Blues Over 5/-115 Win!
11/11/17 10:05PM Vancouver Canucks at San Jose Sharks Under 5/-135 Win!
11/14/17 7:35PM Columbus Blue Jackets at Montreal Canadiens Under 5/-115 Win!

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