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FoxDen Hall of Famer

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Biden -160 Trump +120

Its unimaginable that Biden could Win.. In 47 years he has done nothing but screw the American people, selling out to foreign government for the benefit of his family. they are all liars and criminals. Yet there are that many Americans who approve of this.. He hasnt done anything for you in a half a century and he is now on the verge of senility and you are voting for him.. I smell a rat.. Its called China and big businessmen in Chinas back pocket who are pouring billions into the election to get Trump out. George Soros,Bill GAtes, FAcebook, Twitter.. all of the billionairates who have screwed the American worker and are in bed with China, getting filthy rich.. its not Biden they want.. Its control and they cant stop Trump. He stand up to China and defends the American worker.. But a lot of dumb voters are falling for it.

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Old Post 10-18-20 04:20 PM
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Old Post 10-29-20 04:10 PM
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Tex, if by some chance Biden wins, he'll hand it over to Kamala and the squad. The media is complicit in rigging this election, and they, along with Nancy, Schiff, and Crying Chuck, should be tried for attempting to overthrow the government. TREASON at its finest.
Better start studying Russian and Chinese.

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Old Post 10-30-20 12:17 AM
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