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The truth about earning wagering on sports

To Quote a line from


Marsellus Wallace to Butch

"That little sting your feeling

That's Pride

Pride Never helps it only hurts

A year from now when your kicking it in the Carribean

You'll say Marsellus was right"
Who wants to admit I can't do it alone

Why should I pay part of profits to a

service even if they are proven

documented long term Money

Manager Service

I can do it myself

The answer depends on ones goal

If one wants to MAKE MONEY

(keep your eyes on the prize)

or if one is looking to have fun entertainment like playing a slot machine
and that's fine too

what are your wagering for?

example of a post on this site
" the last 3 games scores were
totals averaged 74 so that should be enough to go over the total total today
or other "reasons" is just Jerking off

it's having an unrealistic expectations

of overcoming the fact that 95% lose

over a year do your own research it's

the truth

95% Can't stay on the bucking bull
and that's no bull

Even Billy Walters the Billionare

Sports bettor Golf Course owner and

real estae tycoon uses outside

handicapper Actuary & programers

7 individuals who don't know each

other (google billy walters 60 ninutes)

Unless your willing To hire Professional

Insurance Actuarys who can direct

Computer Programers to write

Algorythms then data entry people to

input 10 years of data


And that costs tens of thousands of

dollars and over 700 hours

Have you ever read about a Defendant

in a Federal Case trying to defend

himself without a Lawyer

that's even less of a chance

It all boils down to what YOU WANT

Money over the long term or

Entertainment & Excitement

like a slot machine player

Business people know
it ain't about ego
it's about dollars ahead
Just look at the record i posted here its real go back and look each day to verify

We not for everyone to be sure

Details on subscribing
email me at

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